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About Vibrant K9

Hi there, my name is Elysia but I go by Elly and I am the trainer behind Vibrant K9! I've loved dogs since I could walk and talk, and I've been lucky enough to built a career out of it. I currently own two personal dogs myself- Dakota is my two year old Australian Shepherd and she is my mentor dog. She's always around helping me out and bringing new pups out of their shell, or giving puppy dog eyes to clients for treats! Kovu is my Belgian Malinois who I am raising and training for protection sports.


I strongly believe in a reward based balanced training approach, and building a relationship with your dog built on trust, fairness, and compassion. I also prioritize making training fun for both dog and owner- I think this is one of the keys to a healthy bond. 

I offer a variety of dog training services including in home board and train, private lessons, group classes and virtual lessons, as well as boarding for any dogs who have trained with me before. I tailor my methods to best fit each individual dog and owner that I work with. In my opinion, dog training is as much about educating and empowering owners to feel confident handling their dog as it is about teaching the dog what is expected of them and how to navigate the world. I believe that giving dogs and their owners the tools to communicate and understand each other is the key to a healthy relationship, and implementing structure and boundaries is the key to safely giving dogs the freedom they deserve. I work with everything from young puppies learning the basics, to more severe behavioral modification cases. I am experienced with a variety of issues including reactivity, general anxiety, separation anxiety, resource guarding, pulling on leash, potty training, inability to settle, and more. Scheduling a phone consultation is the best way to determine what program would be the right fit for you and your pup to reach your goals!

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