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Client Testimonials

"My dog Selah has been training proactively with Elly from Vibrant K9 for the past 6 months now. For a little bit of background, my dog has a few reactivity issues including leash and dog reactivity and a pretty large degree of resource guarding. Last year, the resource guarding had gotten so bad, she started to resource guard me. Three other trainers had said my dog was "aggressive" and that she could not be helped. I decided to consult with Elly and found on my first impression that she was warm, compassionate, and even moreso passionate towards dog training. I finally decided on getting Selah into a 3 week board and train program to manage her resource guarding issues. The first week she had Selah, she gave me a call to discuss her particular plan to help combat this. It wasn't taking food away whenever the trainer wanted, it wasn't messing with her paws and bothering her while eating, it wasn't dropping treats to trade resources for higher value treats. It was all in the communication. Additionally, during the duration on Selah's stay, Elly provided me with several videos that showed her working on direct communication with my dog. After 3 weeks with Elly, Selah saw an immense improvement in her resource guarding, so much so that my family almost forgot her past behaviors. She had a great go home lesson for me when I picked up my dog from her and it was very evident that her board and train program has shaped Selah into a confident and obedient dog. Now, I can proudly say I am able to take Selah in any public space - without the overwhelming fear of her being reactive. 
Now, 5 months after Selah's board and train, she keeps in touch, asks for updates about how she is doing, and always invites us to her group trainings. I fully recommend Elly to any dog owner looking for behavior modification or even just basic obedience; her compassion and diligence towards dogs and dog training is crystal clear and we will ALWAYS make the trek from Oakley to San Jose for training and boarding."

-Lauren & Selah

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